2 Terrible PPC Companies Just Joined Forces

by Werty on November 1, 2006

In a battle of the second tier PPC engines, it appears that Lycos has Joined forces with Ask.com to produce a brand new network of second/third tier traffic:



I have my complaints with both of these, and ASKs tools for opting out of their shitty partners are horrendous. Lycos actually had a decent to use tool set but an interface that was for shit. When I was able to opt in to only lycos.com I was very happy with the low volume high quality traffic I received. Ask on the other hand enjoyed whoring my ads out across their sweet network of sites geared toward the robotic audience.

I would stay far away from this network until further testing is done to see where the ads are displayed. Either that or set low limits, have reporting set up on your end and prepare to spend a few hrs on the phone demanding refunds and adjustments on your accounts until they quit sending you shit traffic.

My question is this, when you combine two things with not much value do you get something better or worse than what you started with?

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Platinax Small Business News » Ask and Lycos join PPC forces
11.01.06 at 2:53 pm

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Steven Swartz 11.06.06 at 8:11 pm

Have used Kanoodle.com for some small PPC traffice along with standard sites. Today I had over 620 hits from: http://www.unitedsearchnetwork.com. All clicks were seconds.

http://www.unitedsearchnetwork.com is obviously a predetory site scamming false clicks.


John Milton 07.06.07 at 6:48 pm

location 3 media. Totally ripped me off. They have charged my google account the maximum account without my authorization. I know that they did the same thing to other companies

I heard that they did that with several companies including buyautomotive and another 5 companies

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