17 Top Reasons Why Email Marketing Is Important

Top Reasons Why Email Marketing Is Important

Today there is a growing tendency of prioritizing the role of content creating and other tools in digital marketing. So a question still keeps coming up: ‘is it worth investing so many resources and efforts into email marketing?’ 

The experts will answer ‘Yes’ without a doubt! And there are groundbreaking reasons for that.

The significant role of email marketing always conveys due to its flexibility and easy management. Email marketing enables marketers to operate in multi-profile branches of business strategy.

Here are the top reasons why email marketing is essential and how it can help your business.

1. Most people use email 

Email Marketing
Email Marketing

The heavy email usage is enough to observe it as a useful tool. It’s a perfect channel to build your marketing strategy. It’s a winning card as everyone you happen upon can ‘digest’ the info sent to their emails.

Email marketing is an effective method to reach your targeted consumers. Broadcast your promos, new products, discounts, and more directly to your readers. Encourage your audience to share the info with anyone they would like to. Doing that, you will raise product recognition in wider scopes.

2. People check the emails on mobile devices

Speed your email marketing process up by only clicking ‘send’ your email. In a fraction of a second, a great many people will see the electronic notification. And this makes the process faster as people mainly check their emails by their mobile devices.

3. You can send information by email

information by email

The information you need to broadcast can be easily widespread through the emails. Be sure you have completed your email lists to the sufficient level of quality leads. Send messages by a click and complete your task in a very cost-effective means.

4. You raise your brand awareness through emails

Whether you own a start-up or well-established business, raising your awareness will always promote your essential activity. Your reputation is your trump card to make your perspectives become your real consumers. It’s a tangible quality to overcome your competitors. The more famous you are, the more likely you’ll have more sales.  

What does email marketing do in this point of view? It attracts attention. It makes your brand visible and gets people to know about you.

You should be wise enough to sort out the right moment to send your emails. It can be for business updates, marketing news, professional advice, blog updates, etc. 

It should be related, but not directly hinting on your business. It’s just like little diplomacy to say the right things at the right time. Do it in a way your clients think you care about them more than about advertising your products. After building trust, send the information to keep yourself on the top of the minds.  

5. Emails are a great tool for targeted messaging

Targeted Messaging
Targeted Messaging

The value of the offer marketers send to their clients is unmeasurable. It’s better to have a single potential customer rather than hundreds of neutral ones. That’s why targeting emails are critical. 

That’s where email marketing displays its power. You are free to segment the email lists. It’s done by the features you think are outstanding for your consumers in regards to your enterprise.

For example, if you are a coffee shop, segment your consumers by the coffee type they like and send the relevant info. 

You can customize your emails in different fields and send individualized messages. Turn to each client by their name and address, company, and position names. Make them feel unique and perceive your brand as a unique one.

6. Email marketing drives to action 

Email marketing is inspiring. Make it user-friendly by offering your best products and drive people to action. 

On the bottom of your message, you can insert an indirect CTA to make people know about your brand, register, share your info, learn about the new products you offer, see the price list, and buy your products. 

7. Email builds credibility and connects with customers

Understand your clients’ needs and goals. Show your passion and interest in them. Reach out customers and generate more leads. 

It’s quite possible to build trustworthiness by combining your enthusiasm with personalization. 

Credibility is the witness of your authority, is the organic trust of your customers towards your brand. It’s the symbol that will help you stand out in the heavy competition.  

Yet, the process is rather simple. Be clear and authentic. Be honest and concise. Speak to your audience, tell them your success stories, teach them tricks and tips you use for successful management.

Let them know you’re there to help them with the pain points they might be facing. It’s better than just describing the quality of your products.

8. Email is scalable

It’s possible to measure your growth by email marketing. Just look at the rate of your subscribers and scale your development. 

Email marketing benefit lies in simplicity. All the email marketing software provides corresponding plans to measure as the list increases. And this is without anticipated fees.  

Reason 9. Email is measurable

Email Marketing Performance
Email Marketing Performance

Email marketing is flexible in giving numbers to your accountant. Those numbers are for counting the amount you spend to drive successful email marketing. 

So, it will make your accounting smoother and the calculations – easier.

10. It’s easy to adjust email marketing 

In any difficult situation, it might seem impossible to gain a positive public attitude after a failure. But, that’s possible with email marketing. 

Email marketing enables you with an amazing opportunity to adjust your messaging to come out of such a dreadful situation.

Do follow-ups, acknowledge your mistakes, confess them and promise to change with almost no cost 🙂 

The other advantage is your subject lines testing. That allows you to discover the subject lines bringing more click-rates and build your future campaigns based on this knowledge. 

11. Emails can contain large scales of media 

Email Marketing Content
Email Marketing Content

The selection of content and the inclusion of videos, audios, texting, or images is up to you. Email marketing grants you with wide possibilities for an engaging front-facing image. Put the thoughtful design that matches your brand identity.

12. Email marketing is a great tool for generating website traffic

Provided, you’ve accumulated a decent number of email lists and a certain percentage of click-through rate. Once you pitch your content about your latest product, you will have crazy traffic growth. 

This is due to the prior work you’ve done. If a certain amount of email recipients start clicking your content (not all), you’ll anyway let those people be aware of your product.

13. Email marketing brings sales

Email Marketing Drives Sales
Email Marketing Drives Sales

The more people know about your services, the more chances there are you’ll have increase sales. After you have created a brand trust, have gained public credibility, have accumulated email lists, and sent the corresponding information to the corresponding people. You’ll see more and more sales each day. 

14. Email marketing is profitable

This strategy is more affordable. Using emails, you can acquire customers, increase website traffic, drive sales with little money per message.

Even a few contacts in your email list, you’re still able to run your marketing campaign. That becomes possible thanks to the marketing providers that suggest you using their services at no cost.

15. Email marketing with high technologies makes the process smoother

AI-driven technologies make our lives easier. Email marketing is quite top-player here, as well. You can automate the email-sending process. It will satisfy your customers and raise trust in your brand. 

16. Email marketing lets you own your data

Email Marketing Reports
Email Marketing Reports

As for now, Google is constantly updating its algorithms for better user experience. This can sometimes bury your ranking. 

Here’s where own email lists come for help. You’ll have no bothering ideas on whether any search engine update will influence you. As you already have your lifesaver in your hands. A bunch of communication opportunities that will lead to sales and communicate with your customers. 

17. You can incorporate seasonal offers with email marketing

Seasonal Offers With Email Marketing
Seasonal Offers With Email Marketing

Email marketing is timely. You are free to promote a holiday, annual sales, or put any other seasonal offer through emails. The only thing you should grant in such kind of emails is the sense of urgency. That’s simple psychology. People like to purchase what is ending soon! 

Bottom Line

We hope this article highlights the great advantages you’ll have if you include email marketing in your campaign. Though, you should have a clear vision of how to implement this strategy and what to expect. With all those benefits that are practical and realistic, you will have a broad field of marketing activity. 

But remember, you’ll achieve great results by only showing patience and consistency. Don’t miss things on digital marketing updates and news. The information is power. So be the top player. Good luck!


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