Top 10 Benefits of Google Ads

Benefits of Google Ads

It has become a high priority for businesses to work for the target audience and increase sales rates. There are many helpful tools to support this process. One of the most useful solutions is Google Ads that helps deliver fast results. 

Recently-launched features by Google Ads has brought great benefits. Let’s dig in to uncover those benefits of Google Ads below!

Benefit 1. Google Search Ads is faster than SEO

Sem is faster than SEO
Sem is faster than SEO

The top-notch benefit is that Google AdWords is faster than SEO. This is due to the visibility of Google business can get on. It’s valuable since it’s driving more sales. On Google search engine businesses are introduced to people once the latter is searching for similar products or services. 

On the contrary of SEO, where the process is tedious and slow, with Google Ads, it’s faster due to the following factors: 

  • You can introduce multiple keywords simultaneously.
  • You can manage the campaign manually switching it on or off if necessary.
  • People can notice ads that appear on the page top.
  • It usually takes less than 24 hours from Google to approve and show your ads.

Benefit 2. Google Ads brings brand awareness

Brand Awareness campaigns on Google Display Network
Brand Awareness campaigns on Google Display Network

Google Ads has gained popularity as it gives a unique opportunity to tell people about brands. There was a revolution in the brand advertising process with Google Ads.

It has become possible to speak about your brand to the audience once they’re in search of your product category. Businesses can also make their targeting groups more full through other websites, by using Google Display Network. Which allows you to target more than 2 million websites across various niches.

Benefit 3. Google Ads raises brand ad visibility 

Many times people search without intention to buy. That’s why businesses should not spend money on every case.

Google Ads has integrated a feature that allows selecting the strategy of automatic bids. With a Smart Bidding strategy, you will have customized information based on previous experience. Basically, Google collects users browsing data and uses this to automatically bid higher on users that have higher intent to convert on your landing pages.

Benefit 4. Google Ads drives people to action

In the world of the internet, the more accessible the information is, the more difficult it becomes for businesses to sell. This is because people do a lot of research about the products they want to buy. They compare various options and then make their decisions.  

Entrepreneurs need to influence consumers who have visited their website to buy. It’s possible to guide them to purchase funnel. 

It becomes more than possible with the help of Google AdWords. People who visit the website are customized into different audiences and accordingly taken to the websites they’re more correspondent.

Benefit 5. Google Ads applies methods using demographics 

Now the business world can use the latest updates to drive the search campaign more effectively. It’s possible to do using a targeted user demographics data. It consists of information about users’ age, gender, or other vital info to make it more productive.

Benefit 6. Google Ads drives more customers 

Yes, it does! And it does with the help of consumers’ Gmail account. Email marketing is crucial for every business entrepreneur to reach its messages to wider audiences. And Google Ads incorporated a new strategy available for all doing advertisements to come to more prospects. 

Benefit 7. Google Ads provides the right scheduling not to miss the right moment

Scheduling On Google Ads
Scheduling On Google Ads

Using ads is sufficient for your brand awareness, but when to run the ads? This is the question to take into consideration. The right timing decides everything. Depending on the scope of your activity, you should advertise through the right time and dates. 

Streamline the course by making conclusions of your own experience. After driving the ads for a specific time, watch for the conversions that you spent much money based on the timing. 

Thus, you can reduce the rates by pausing the ads and will have a clear vision of when to switch on. 

Benefit 8. Google Ads helps surpass your competitors

With Google AdWords, it is possible to win in a brand fight with a clear and smart way. This becomes possible if you choose the “Target Outrank” tool in Google AdWords. A strategy that customizes to outrank the concrete competitor on your niche. This element is crucial to stand out today!

Benefit 9. Google Ads targets re-marketing audiences to get the most excellent deals 

Sometimes users search for a specific product, enter the website, and come out of it without other actions. The remarketing ads tool helps to add features to that certain product like free shipping and introduce to the visitor.

Benefit 10. Google Ads rejoins to your website guests 

Google Remarketing Lists For Search Ads
Google Remarketing Lists For Search Ads

This refers to the guests that have entered your website coming out without any action. There are two places to reach them.

1. On the display network:

Graphic images contribute to the process of reconnecting people in this way. When someone expressed an interest in your products but has left without a purchase, then compelling visuals come to help.

2. On the search network:

While using RLSA, the user has to apply some keywords. This is for Google to match a search query with the remarketing list and the keyword. You have 2 options with RLSA campaigns:

  • Target and Bid: In this case you’re targeting only the users in your re-marketing lists.
  • Bid only: In this case you can just adjust the bids for re-marketing audiences, as they have higher chances to convert.

We have introduced you to the top benefits of Google Ads that are easy to use and effective. But it’s worth reminding that Google is consistently making updates, so you should stay tuned not to miss the funnel.

Stay with us, and you’ll learn more about the most excellent tips and features of the digital marketing world.


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