Email Marketing Trends for 2020

Email Marketing Trends for 2020

Email marketing says a lot nowadays. It’s adjustable with current changes and always up-to-date with the moving technology. 

Most users go online for the reason to check the emails alone! Email marketing magic doesn’t know boundaries. It breaks through various cultures, nations, and age-groups. 

Let’s dig in to reveal the most popular email marketing trends 2020. Shape your email marketing strategy and learn how to implement them to get the highest revenue.

Trend 1. Artificial Intelligence to put the automation in the process

AI for Email Marketing
AI for Email Marketing

Marketing automation intelligence is centered on how AI systems learn previous experiences to form further behavior. Its objective is to provide relevant content to the targeted group of individuals.

AI’s development continues to play a great role in email marketing trends 2020. With AI’s help, it will be possible to replace the traditional segmentation process currently in action. It will streamline the marketers’ task in creating personalized applications.

Trend 2. Focus on mobile to prioritize customers’ preferences

Mobile Marketing
Mobile Optimization

People love using their mobile devices to manage any kind of online activity. Using mobiles to check emails is not an exclusion.

Optimizing for mobile is not easy, but it will be a strong guarantee for further improvements. Ensure your email copies provide a proper user experience for all types of devices.

Trend 3. User-generated content to drive real-time engagement

Inspire your users to assist content via email marketing. That will build trust and promote authenticity. Harvest the best results with improved conversions!

Drive email marketing campaigns to gather user-generated content. Get the best feedback first. This seems simple. But you should know exactly when to ask for feedback.

Let the user ‘taste’ your product, get some experience on your service and then leave a good review.

Trend 4. Interactivity to provide accessibility

Interactivity for Email Marketing

The interactivity is supposed to be the top trend for the upcoming two years.

You can bring the interactivity to your mails in different ways.

Check these interactive email marketing tips for 2020: 

1. Games and clickable items.

2. Menus and image carousels.

3. Calls-to-action.

4. Product offerings by rollover effects.

5. Forms to allow the user to leave feedback.

Trend 5. Data-driven marketing to boost your ROI

Data-driven marketing
Data-driven Marketing

Data-driven marketing intends to enhance email conversions. Know what content your customers want to get. This will help you avoid ending up in the trash.  

Collect as much data as you can. It will enable to make wise decisions. Make your marketing powerful. 

Trend 6. Hyper-personalized automated campaigns to increase sales rate

This email marketing trend is super important. This is due to the personalization nowadays giving great results in all fields. Hyper-personalization will give entrepreneurs the possibility to measure the browsing behavior of their consumers. 

Trend 7. Minimalist email design to stand out from the crowd

Email marketing
Email Marketing

When it comes to delivering eye-popping emails, most companies think the bright email design elements will speak volumes. Nevertheless, simplicity is on top broadcasting in a clear and authentic voice. 

Humanize your brand with a clear context, be engaged in emotional connection with people, build trust among them. Concentrate on the needs of your customers instead of highlighting your products. 

Trend 8. Brand storytelling to humanize your product

Brand Storytelling
Brand Storytelling

Brand success stories have always been on the rage. They make a great impact on people’s perception. Memorable and impressive, brand storytelling influences clients’ behavior and creates emotional bonds with them. 

Trend 9. Video content to improve the popularity

Video content
Video Content

People have limited time. To spend it effectively, they just watch videos online to get what they want. It’s one of the favorite types of content marketing trends. 

Product videos are factors to push people to make a decision. They are helpful since they are giving explanations about the product and build your brand authority. Create interactive emails making product videos a part of your marketing strategy.

A right email marketing is a powerful technique that will increase your performance rates. Give it a try and be a step ahead of other market players. 

Let your consumers love the way you drive your marketing campaign. Put their needs in the first place and send emails the way your consumers want to get it. 


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