Digital Storytelling In 2020. Everything You Need To Know.

What is digital storytelling

What is Digital Storytelling? 

Digital Storytelling is the art of Telling Stories. It’s a way to ignite imagination and create emotional bonds. Even in the new generation with an emphasis on technologies, storytelling has always been greeted as one of the most powerful business talents.  

When it comes to telling stories employing high-technology tools, then it’s already digital storytelling. Digital storytelling has become the most favorite part of the marketing world. It’s something that was incorporated in every corner of the business. 

Digital storytelling has the power to make a significant impact on the human mind and imagination. Like traditional narratives, digital chronicles also build their topics around a particular perspective. 

The difference is that digital stories are based on IT-operating visuals and content. Typically, digital storytelling lasts two to ten minutes. In digital storytelling, you can use a wealth of topics concerning every corner of the universe 🙂

The spheres of using digital storytelling are multiple. This method is actually in schools, businesses, different investigative centers, even in libraries. Whoever uses digital storytelling, they will state the content is crucial. And ‘content’ doesn’t mean only scripting here. It embraces anything that includes a meaningful message.  

A genius storytellers are those who take us to the world of their stories. They help us feel the great moments, share the experience, suffer a little, find the solutions. 

That is why all the companies that know the value of storytelling share the content to impress the users’ perception deeply. If you think the customer buys a product after having done a comprehensive estimation of all its cons and pros, then you’re in deep confusion. Almost all the people decide to purchase not for how the product is, but how they feel the product is. 

There is a significant difference between those two concepts. The latter is strongly connected with how the product owners manage to impact people’s mind to choose whatever they choose. Then we can state that it’s possible to turn any perspective into your customer by driving to the right deduction through content. From head to toe, the content has a unique goal.

Digital storytelling yet has more powers regarding spreading words. It’s possible to create select channels, and allow others to use your services online, dig more in-depth about your company and the values you adopt, etc. Digital storytelling is making wonders among all the noise in the marketing world.   

Stories last longer than anything else. They create connections between people and accelerate interpersonal interactions. Leveraging the art of storytelling, digital companies deliver information to reach, drive, and catch the attention of internet users.

How do you do digital storytelling?

  1. Plan a story

    Build all your story around the main bone of content. Be flexible in choosing a topic and take into account online users of different segments are going to read. Get the hook from the very first letter of your story. Start your sentence with a question to ignite interest in your readers’ minds. Share value and get the reward.

  2. Tell a story

    After a successful planning pass on to the next step of telling an impressive story. The moral is what counts most. At this point, try to interact with your readers as your closest relatives and create emotional ties.  Making your story purpose clear, it’ll be easier to display the benefits of your services in your reader lives.

  3. Shape a logical structure

    Like every story, yours should also have an introduction, progress, and a conclusion. Along with this traditional structure, it should convey a conflict that requires an ASAP solution. So when you start offering answers to this problem and relate to it, your audience will be more eager to know about the end.

  4. Keep a contrast

    Balance your readers’ tension by incorporating disparity in your story. Build tide and reflux of emotions by giving questions and answering to them, by expressing doubts and speaking about the truth, by including obstacles and overcoming them.

  5. Advertise a story

    Before introducing your story to the public that matters, practice it in front of a wealth of other people to get fluency in telling it. Thus, you’ll better understand which part of your story is more appealing, where to put stress, where to be calmer, etc.

  6. Interact with your audience

    The greatness of telling stories lies in interaction. Building personal communication with a compelling story isn’t something easy. But once you manage to do that, it will be your victory. 
    Stories, especially the digital ones, will be nailed in your customers’ minds if you allow them to take part in your storytelling process. Here you can put some digital elements in the game. 
    Encourage your listeners to actively take part in publicizing their experience they had with your services. Leverage social media tools, like from Facebook or Instagram, and ask your attendees to give questions. 
    Once they do that, always pay respect and appreciate the time they spent while interacting with your story.

  7. Disguise an ad behind a powerful story

    Simplicity is genius, and less is sometimes more. Once people feel you’re not going to disturb them with a pop-up ad, they’ll tend to come to you.
    Don’t show you’re selling something. Just give value, create an awe-inspiring experience, entertain and move, warm your audience hearts, and make them get goosebumps.  They will be itching for knowing who the greatest is behind all this scenario. 

Power of Digital Story

The Power Of Digital Story

Storytelling nurtures the listening, energizes the studying, and inspires the acting. Applying the method of digital storytelling is free of production and publishing difficulties. It engages people at the deepest level of attention and makes the narrative more interesting with creative visuals. That’s why storytelling is essential.

In this flexible channel, you embrace topics to light up people’s passion and desire to learn more about what you’re offering.

To maximize the greatness of digital storytelling, there are some storytelling techniques you should focus on.

Technique 1. Provide peaceful space for listening

In a crammed sea of digital information, it’s hard to concentrate on serenity and calmness. But once you create that space for listening, you’ll get the winning card. 

Make the narratives pass through your listeners’ ears more engagingly. Mesmerize them with the most interesting story possible and enjoy a moment of triumph. The power of digital storytelling is the power of making your audience feel captivated.

Technique 2. Connect head with heart

Not only the emotional appeal but also the mental hook is what you need to make a bold presence. Without an intellect, the digital stories might seem to have a hollow base. Put your heart together with your head and create a stunning story. 

Technique 3. Focus on the narrative

The charm of digital storytelling is the narrative keeping up with the written and oral logical sequence. And if you manage to make your listeners participate in your narrative, you’ll create a future for prospective story creators. 

Technique 4. Impress with images

Visual storytelling

80% of human perception is based on visual impressions. The importance of digital storytelling is to share your content through powerful images. Materialize the abstract, show invisible, connect narrative elements. Your ultimate goal is to reach your audience’s soul with enchanting visual storytelling. So choose your story images meticulously. 

Technique 5. Think about appealing headlines to speak with your title.

Explain to your readers what you’re going to talk about in your story through a headline. It should be catchy and suggest value. It should give the answers to why to follow your narrative and what people should expect. 

Using some listing or data to create an attractive title. Always be sincere with your audience and build your content that corresponds to your headline. 

Technique 6. Consider multi-layered design 

Design is storytelling. Keep in mind the traditional way of reading is not used any more. People tend to skim your content hopping from title to title. So be sure you provide a charming design for your content centerpieces not to drive people away. 

Catch their attention with interesting hooks. Highlight your cut-ups or headings through appealing design. Convince your readers. Your narrative is worth being followed by just a glance.

Technique 7. Apply correspondent tools 

There’s a mass of tools used in creating a mind-blowing digital story. And there’s an active increase in creating better and better ones. Choose tools both for crafting and editing stories. And always know what kind of tool is relevant for your digital story.

Tools of Digital Storytelling 

Impressing people is not easy today. That’s why you should unify your strength and incorporate all the factors mentioned above to make a great impact. Here some digital storytelling tools come to your rescue. 

Tool 1. Steller

Among the vast majority of digital storytelling tools, you should choose the best suitable one. Each of them has its feature and field of the appliance. Steller is a great app to help you create cute videos and images with a lovely design.

The easy yet organized choices are user-friendly, even for those who use the tool for the first time.

Tool  2.  Adobe Spark Page

This platform lets people build their web pages online without the need for coding or design. You can share your stories by inserting video content, texts, and images. Here the visual content matters embellished with elegant style. 

Tool 3. WeVideo 

This organization had a primary goal to bring in a useful tool for a wider scope of users. It’s about a video editing that is available for everyone. You can create inspiring and motivating videos in the most creative way possible. 

Tool 4. Popplet

This is a tool that can be used for learning visually. Popplet helps people capture and arrange ideas while creating a relevant story. It’s like a mind-map that provides useful images and captions and accompanies you in building an engaging video. 

Tool 5. Sock Puppets

This application makes it possible for lip-synced animations. This easy-to-use, yet still effective way of establishing and sharing your digital stories across the web is mainly targeting the younger audience.

All these digital storytelling tools are motivating since you can try to understand the level of your creativeness while creating your stories.

Examples of Digital Storytelling 

As we already have some idea about the theory, let’s have some practical examples of the implementation of digital storytelling. 

Example 1.  Airbnb short documentary

The story created by Airbnb is something like a documentary film. This animation was nominated for several awards. It’s a touching narrative about a family who hasn’t reunited for a long time, and it becomes possible with the help of Airbnb. 

Airbnb short documentary

Example 2. Ikea renovating Terraza Ad

Humor is a great factor in creating a happy atmosphere. That’s cool from the marketing point of view as well. Even better, if you spice up your storytelling with funny videos, your content becomes more appealing and viral.

This Ikea mighty video is about an extraordinary unwavering friendship of a duck and a man who got inspired to renovate his Terraza with brand-new Ikea furniture.

Millions of views and comments are the best witness about its success.

Ikea renovating Terraza Ad

Example 3. Eatkus (Edeka) supermarkets insight

Digital storytelling is not only about evoking emotions, but it’s also about stirring public senses. ‘Edeka’ German supermarkets put stress on obesity issues while creating its digital story. They created a 2.35 min video about a boy suffering from obesity who wants to fly. 

This is considered to be one of the best digital storytelling examples. The video robustly exposed the brand’s values inspiring people to adopt healthy daily habits.

Benefits of Digital Storytelling

Benefits Of Digital Storytelling
Benefits Of Digital Storytelling

You’ll get the most out of your brand by using classy digital content. Take a step forward and read more about the benefits of digital storytelling.

Benefit 1. Good storytelling enhances confidence 

Whatever is the purpose of your storytelling, it’s always the right way of building trust. Once your audience feels entertained and captivated by the moral of your content, you’ll feel much more open to offer your products.

And this is not by any pressure or selling purpose, but by creating the spaces for communication and sharing insights.  

Benefit 2. Good storytelling improves your rankings 

If you watch for current tendencies, you’ll be aware of Google is now focusing on your content quality. If the attributes you share on your webpage are something worthy, then you’ll have more chances to appear in the highest places. Always watch from your audience’s point of view of how engaging and attractive it is.

Benefit 3. Good storytelling spreads faster

Imagine you hear a good piece of news. Don’t you feel an urge to share it with your friends? Of course, you do. The same is with good storytelling.

An appealing story gets legs and starts passing across the social media platforms to ‘infect’ more people with aesthetic pleasure and joy. Let your story become one of those.  

Benefit 4. Good storytelling makes you a trustworthy source of knowledge. 

Starting from childhood, all of us strive for more knowledge and information. We seek for reliable sources to nurture our educational gaps regarding the spheres we are interested in. We participate in different seminars and webinars to improve our skills. 

The toughest thing in creating good digital storytelling is the task to become a true source for people. It’s about becoming a loyal platform to share useful, professional, and robust propositions with your audience. This takes time, but once you do this, the positive results will remain for the whole lifetime.  

Benefit 5. Good storytelling brings correspondent listeners

An engaging example of digital storytelling is touching many groups of people. It’s especially appealing for the potential customers to make them feel finally convinced in choosing your services. 

Creating a sweat story requires much energy and time. But the captivating outcome compensates the hard times you had while preparing all these.  

Elements of Digital Storytelling

Elements of Digital Storytelling
Elements of Digital Storytelling

What are the elements of good storytelling? If you want Google to love your website, then you should combine some of them in producing your digital stories. Keep on watching to know more about this.

Element 1. Powerful message. Before shaping your content theme, define its purpose and point of view. What’s your message, who is it for, and why is it important? Once you have the answers to all of these questions, you’ll have no difficulty to build your content.  

Element 2. Rhetorical question. The scent of drama the storytellers include in the questions is the starting point of your story. That’s done to grab the attention and to determine somehow what’s the narrative is about. It evokes intrigue and tension and motivates the listeners to keep on going with the story. 

Element 3. Sentimental content. Not once we mentioned the key role of content in storytelling. The emotions raised by appealing content are role-players of whether your story is going to have a success or not. Building sensitive content involving all kinds of human feelings is the centerpiece of keeping them engaged.   

Element 4. Impressive voice. The tone of voice is always important when having a conversation with people. It should be neither pathetic nor primitive. Adopt an informal tone like you have an everyday discussion with relatives. 

Element 5. Appealing soundtrack. Including appropriate music will support your whole story. An inspiring soundtrack will motivate and create a positive mood. Use instrumental music without words, and don’t make it too loud for not interfering with your massage.

Element 6. Wise economy. No one will provide time to watch two-hour-long video content. Be laconic, brief, and with sense. Cut out all the irrelevant parts and make it emotionally compelling. 

Element 7. Appropriate pacing. Too much sluggish will underrate your message. Keep a medium pace and tell your story with variations in pacing that change along with the images on the screen. To make it with effects, apply zoom or pan.

We bet you’re already convinced stories are highly important to impress. Having in mind all those factors mentioned above and tips, you’ll skyrocket your business with the best creative way.


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