Best Facebook Ads Tips For Dentists


When you start a business you want to make people get acquainted with your products or services and get many customers. 

Especially dental marketers will confirm that they have faced many problems while trying to get noticed in the local market. Moreover, it’s too hard to be competitive in the dental business and get visitors. 

Never lose your hope. There is always a solution-advertising.

No matter what type of business you run, one day you will need to promote your business and increase your awareness. 

Advertising is really able to empower your business in a competitive environment. It allows you to get more customers and increase business turnaround. 

But don’t think it’s so easy to do. You need first of all to increase your online reputation. As a rule, Google loves big brands and allows them to rank at the top of search pages.

Just for a moment forget about the first page in Google and focus on a modern and powerful marketing hack-Facebook Ads.

Aside from SEO, web design, email marketing, Facebook ads are important. People use Facebook every day and if you create targeted ads you will succeed.

For dentists, Facebook ads are a good way to promote your clinic.

And no matter where your dental clinic is located, in case of proper targeting, a lot of people will see your ad.

Facebook ads are very instant promotion. You can set up quickly and immediately get results. Especially, if you apply to any professional marketing agency, who has previously served dental clients, it will take a few hours to create and run campaigns with amazing results.

Why are Facebook Ads so effective?

Facebook ads for Lead Generation
Facebook ads for Lead Generation

Yes, Facebook is just the platform to present your business and advertise your dental activity investing with a small budget. It has a huge number of prospects, is easy-to-use, and provides a large amount of information.

Today it’s too important for all entrepreneurs and specialists, including dentists to present themselves on Facebook properly. But time shows that they misevaluate the importance of social media and miss the key chance to compete with big brands. 

Surely all dentists want to get more visitors but forget about many Facebook hacks to attract them and make money.

Facebook Ads are a fantastic way to create a huge base of the audience and generate traffic.

The success of Facebook ads is the high targeting opportunity. It has amazing targeting options for every situation. 

But how can you ensure if you are targeting the right audience? Facebook has taken care of this too. It allows you to sort and target your audience according to location, age, demographics, behaviors, interests, A/B testing, etc. Consequently, create and run campaigns and find potential customers.

Today we are going to speak about the Facebook advertising tools and nuances for optimizing your campaigns and reach hundreds of active users every day. 

Time to learn how to set up Facebook ads 

  1. Log in to your Facebook page
  2. Determine your objective
  3. Choose your audience
  4. Choose your placements
  5. Choose your budget
  6. Create the content of your ads
  7. Launch and Enjoy 

And now let’s have a detailed description of each step.

1. Log into your Facebook page

Facebook allows you to reach the best tool ever for growing your dental business-Facebook Ads manager. 

It’s just the place to create and manage your dreamed campaigns.

Facebook does everything to simplify and clarify any activity for its customers. To access Facebook Ads manager you just need to click the “create a button on the top of your account and choose the” Ads “ button”. Another variant to access it is to click the “Promote” or “Visit Ad center” button and start. 

2. Determine your objective

The next step is to choose to be sure of your goals and select your campaign’s objective. Facebook offers you the following categories: 

  • Awareness-Awareness campaigns are for educating your audience and growing public interest in your company. 
  • Consideration-Consideration comes to educate and give more knowledge to those who have already engaged with your dental business
  • Conversion- And finally conversion refers to making customers take areal actions: sign up, subscribe or just start an online chat

Note: Messages objective is also too effective for dentists.  Using Messages objective, you make your customers to start a direct conversation with your business and get more information about your services.

3. Choose your audience

After determining your objective, go through the “Set Up Ad Account” button and continue. 

It’s time to focus on your potential audience and determine who they are. Facebook allows to sort your audience by the following groups:

  • Basic demographics
  • Interests
  • Behaviors
  • Connections

Moreover, you can create your special custom audience according to your marketing experience. And it’s up to you what method to use for transferring the potential patients list-phone numbers, email addresses, etc.

Besides ads, you can ask your clients to like your Facebook page. This allows you to create a potential audience. 

 4. Choose your placements

The places where your ads will be shown are called Placements. Depending on your preferences or objectives, you can run your ads on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Audience Network. If you rely on Facebook, these sections can be selected automatically. That is Facebook will show your ad according to the Facebook algorithm. Or else you can select the placements manually and run your ads either on Messenger or on Instagram.

5. Choose your budget

Facebook offers two types of the budget for ads-daily and lifetime. Both variants have advantages and disadvantages. Consequently, before making the final decision you should be well informed.

Daily budget is easy to set up, but be attentive-Facebook spends only up to the amount of budget per ad set you pay per day. 

On the other hand, a lifetime budget is spent for the whole campaign. You need only to choose the end date. 

Here we will advise you to choose a daily budget if:

  • You are going to renew your campaign after expiration
  • You want to get high performance
  • You are going to change your budget regularly

 And choose lifetime budgets if:

  • You run your campaigns on a schedule
  • Yours have set your budget, start and end date

Now as your audience and budget are ready, go on, and create the content of your ad.

6. Create the content of your ads

All marketing specialists will confirm that in advertising the most important factor is creativeness. Creative advertising is the guarantee of an effective campaign. Facebook again offers you two variants. You can either create a new campaign using an existing post or create a new post.

Moreover, you can design your ad using a carousel, slideshow, canvas, video, or just a single image.

Attention, Attention!!!

Facebook has several rules for running campaigns. Be sure to follow them carefully.

Advantages of Facebook ads

1. Analytics

Facebook Analytics
Facebook Analytics

Facebook provides you detailed metrics about the whole performance of your post reach, engagement, page likes, get insights on clicks, conversions, and even sales. 

Facebook enables you to track and measure the whole progress of ads. But it doesn’t end there. Moreover, you can track the number of conversations and later measure your ROI and ROAS.

Custom Call-to-Action Button

CTAs in digital ads play an important role. They make your users get the desired page of your website. For example, “Call today to Improve your smile for a lifetime”, “Book a dental appointment now”, “Register now”, “Get free teeth whitening now”.

Thus instead of time-consuming and non-effective advertising methods, you can use Facebook to boost your website traffic. This is an effective and tricky way to tell your audience what to do. Maybe it seems simple, but it can change the whole performance of your ads.

2. Customer Loyalty

By following or joining a business page or a group, Facebook users feel like they belong in that special community. It allows you to engage audiences and make direct interaction with your customers. 

3. Cost-effective

Price is another benefit of Facebook ads. Really, it beats other platforms with many factors including affordable costs. Of course, costs vary depending on targetings, objectives, goals, and other settings. However, you can just spend some dollars and reach thousands of people very fast.

Note that Facebook likes its permanent advertisers. So it will decrease your acquisition costs and help you to cut out costs spent on expensive campaigns.

4. Smart

Do you know what means remarketing? Facebook masters this tactic as well. Remember how many times you saw Facebook ads after visiting a special website. It is called remarketing that allows you to target recent website visitors. That is if people visit your website and leave it you can ret-target them with Facebook ads. It is a powerful method to increase your conversions.

Now as you know almost everything about Facebook ads for dentists and understand that social media is the guarantee of new clients, it’s time to try. Especially when it gives instant results. With Facebook ads, you will never regret the time and money spent on it. 

And even if you consider it a hard task to create Facebook ads, it’s worth finding an experienced dental marketing agency to help you stand out. 

No more toothache anymore!!!


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