Facebook Advertising For Higher Education

Facebook Ads For Higher Education

Are you a marketer at a college or a university? Don’t you have a clue on how to stand out in today’s insane marketing competition? Go on reading and get the most out of your higher education marketing tactics!

The entry of for-profit institutions in the market at a crazy pace makes it tough for nonprofit educational institutions nowadays to resist stiff competition. Most prominent colleges and universities put their fingers on actual marketing trends not to fall for it.

So what the nonprofit institutions have to keep in mind while shaping their higher education marketing strategies? Stay tuned and learn about some mind-blowing ideas on this topic!

Use Facebook to create a bold presence!

Facebook Ads For Higher Education
Facebook Ads For Higher Education

Despite the wide range of social media platforms, Facebook is still popular among Gen Z. This multilateral social media covers different areas in everybody’s lives. It’s convenient to get info on topics that interest, to communicate with each other, to organize events, and attend courses.

But the real magic happens when you use it for ads. Most higher education institutes use Facebook to;

  1. grab attention towards the brand
  2. direct potential students
  3. organize various events.

So, how to make an impact on Facebook from the marketing point of view? How to use University Facebook ads?

Chances are, you will start using Facebook to boost your higher education marketing plan after having read this article. 

1. Apply Facebook ads for higher education to speak volumes

A wide range of Facebook ad types gives immense opportunities for colleges and universities to find their success. They use those ad types to keep pace with actual tendencies and to grab students’ attention. 

Let’s get to know about some of them.

  • Facebook Unique Image Ad to Define Identity
Facebook Single Image Ads
Single Image Ads Examples

Simple, yet quite compelling, this most common ad type contains an impressive image with the institute’s characteristics. Don’t forget to put a link for students to find yourself easily.

  • Facebook Unique Video Ad to Boost Your Engagement
Facebook Video Ads
Facebook Video Ads

Show your expected alumni all your aspects on a deeper level. Display your premises, amenities and everything you offer. Try to create a video ad with more speaking words.

  • Facebook Carousel Ad to Raise the Level of Your Conversions
Facebook Carousel Ads
Facebook Carousel Ads

Being extremely popular, this type of advertisement is the most effective one. Use this savvy yet simple way to get your institutional identity to a higher level of recognition. 

Display your school culture and spirit, possibilities of degree options, and feel to match your perspectives’ expectations.

  • Facebook Lead Ad to enlist more students
Facebook Lead Generation Ads
Facebook Lead Generation Ads

This several-stage campaign consists of not directly guiding users to your landing page but raising their awareness with popup messages containing basic info. 

Facebook Messenger Ads

Facebook states that more than half of Gen Z prefers sending a message rather than making a call. Messages are appealing and interactive.

Using these types of Facebook ads will make more users start their higher education journey with you!

2. Investigate Higher Education Facebook Ads Best Practices to Tell a Powerful Story

Bear in mind the following tricky tips before starting your first ad on Facebook:

  • Create an emotional engagement 
Engagements Ads
Engagements Ads

Connect people with engaging content. Try to display third-party reviews about the excellence you have. Let your readers feel the heroes of your story. 

  • Be consistent and concise 

Be aware that search volume varies on different informational and social media platforms. Be sure to be unified with Facebook. Your message should be convincing and concise.

  • Target your audience 
Target Right Audiences
Target Audiences

The device, feature, platform preferences, or any other characteristics can be a core element while targeting your audience. Scrutinize priorities to make a special offer!

Keep an eye on the actual market tendencies and actively apply them in your daily strategy. Switch to funnel, and you will get the kick out of your higher education marketing!


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