Facebook Advertising Hacks for 2020 (Updated)

Facebook Ads Hacks for 2020

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Top 5 Facebook Ads hacks that really work in 2020

If you are a business owner, you should not ignore the role of Facebook in your life. The truth is that it remains a highly competitive market, and you need to learn the best Facebook Ads tips to gain the advantage in creating ad campaigns on Facebook.

1. Use your competitors.

Check Your Competitors Ads. Page Transparency
Check Your Competitors Ads

Using your competitors for targeting is one of the trendy Facebook Ads hacks in 2020. Facebook enables you to see the behavior and demographics of your competitor’s audience. Consequently, it’s an excellent chance for you to target effectively. 

Moreover, you can look through your competitors’ ads and understand whether they are working or not.

Imagine you are a digital marketing agency and want to create a campaign to increase your followers and likes. 

Find one of your competitors’ pages and look for ads insights. 

First of all, open the Facebook page and go to “see more” in the page transparency field. Below you will see “Ads from this page.” In this section, you will find all the necessary information: Whether they have an active campaign or not, What ad structure they use for their campaigns, and finally, if they get success or not. Also, you can search competitor’s ads at Facebook’s Ads Library.

2. Use messenger ads.

Facebook Messenger Ads

Facebook Messenger Ads are one of the newest Facebook Ads hacks with relatively good results. Messenger Ads allow you to start conversations with your future customers and drive sales and interactions. Sending messages will help you to be noticed and recognized faster, especially if you are a startup. 

Facebook Messenger Ads are divided into three main types:

Destination Ads – It’s like a standard Ad, but instead of call-to-action “Shop Now,” you put a button “Send Message.” 

Sponsored messages – This type of Ad enables you to send designed messages to your user’s inbox and drive strategic engagements and actions.

Home action Ads – The main advantage of this ad is to generate organic conversations with customers directly appearing in the home dashboard of the messaging app.

3. Use video ads.

It seems a bit strange why Facebook Video Ads are considered one of the best working hacks. Do you think it is a failed method to get engagements and make conversions?

No. Instead, people do prefer watching from reading. 

Moreover, studies have shown that for many business Facebook Video Ads have better results. Of course, it’s a bit time-consuming and costly to create exciting videos, but it’s worth it!

Facebook Video Ads help you to create highly engaging, more informative, unique, and differentiating campaigns. Facebook offers you several variants to build video ads. You can either browse a video through the library or create a slideshow with images. Another option is to use previously posted videos.

No matter what type of video ads you use, consider the main points:

Choose the right size and ratio video (square 1:1 or vertical 4:5, 2:3, 9:16)

Don’t put much text in it (no more than 20% text)

Try to make short, but the informative video (15 seconds or less)

4. Never duplicate your Ads.

While creating a new Facebook Ad, you can either duplicate an ad or use an ad’s ID

If you are going to create an ad faster and easier, you will probably duplicate one of your Ads.

It will be your fatal mistake. Let’s understand.

By duplicating an ad, you will lose the engagements of the initial version. That is, you will lose your social proof and impressions. 

It’s proven that people like to follow posts with many engagements. That’s why, if you use an ad’s ID, you will combine all your likes and comments in one place. Consolidating ads is a powerful way to gain trust from your audience.

How can I do it? 

Firstly, land on your Business Manager. Secondly, open Page posts and get the preferred post’s ID. You can use this ID to create your new ad. Moreover, it’s an attractive way to decrease your costs of getting higher results in improving your social proof.

5. Accurate targeting.

Facebook Targeting
Facebook Ads Targeting

Facebook has improved its Ads service and added many targeting parameters to find the right segments. You can target people by location, age, interest, demographics, behavior. Moreover, you can target them by using a handy tool for Audience insight. It will help you to get all the details about the audience in a specific niche so that you can create yours too. 

There are the following ways to create your audience: website traffic, customer file, app activity, offline activity, video views, Facebook page, a lookalike audience, etc.

6. User-generated content 

User-generated content for Facebook ads
User-generated content for Facebook ads

User-generated content (UGC) is the best thing ever in marketing. If it is done properly, the results will satisfy you. This method guarantees high engagement and increases the number of real followers. For example, well-known Buffer has increased its audience by 400% only due to sharing user-generated content. 

What do you think? What is the main reason this method works? 

The answer is simple. It is a deep trust in personal experience. People tend to trust not the ads created by the brand itself but the reviews and stories shared by real customers. 

Another main benefit of UGC is cost-effectiveness. UGC is mutually beneficial cooperation. Customers create content not only for you but also for themselves (It is always pleasant to realize your words can significantly impact somebody).

Facebook is the right place to post videos and stories and get an opportunity to go viral. Although this network’s algorithm is based on organic reach, you can run ads with user-generated content.

Take the chance to boost your brand awareness and engagement and create a better community of followers.

7. Avoid sounding like an Ad

The way you make your speech has a direct impact on reaching your goals. The same is in the case of sales and advertising. Finding yourself pressured to make a purchase can be annoying.

Consequently, if you stop sounding like an ad, it can be more useful to start a new and healthy relationship with customers. 

No, no, no!!! It is not about manipulating the situation, but working as a professional who is not trying to sell something in any way. 

Firstly, think of yourself as a business consultant or a typical advisor who wants, first of all, to share years’ experience and knowledge. 

Secondly, try to outline your service or product’s main benefits instead of speaking about the features or functionality it has. Make a clear explanation of how you can solve a particular problem or be useful.

8. Account simplification

Facebook Ads Account Structure

Some marketers and Facebook founders themselves advise not to focus only on creating tons of campaigns with the same objectives. Instead, they offer a new tactic to reach your business goals – a simplified account structure.  

Due to account simplification, you will avoid one of the mistakes in Facebook ads-audience overlapping. What does it mean? If you spend money on making campaigns, you are looking for good results. But every time you set a new ad targeting the same audience is typically a matter of failure.

Now the Facebook algorithm can manage your account more effectively than anyone else. It can track, interpret, and act more info from your daily ads. Set your campaign goals and let social media algorithms take over account optimizations.

Account Simplification looks like this: 

  • One campaign for Prospecting (Top Funnel)
  • One campaign for Re-Targeting (Mid Funnel and Bottom Funnel)
  • One campaign for Dynamic Product Ads (Bottom Funnel)

9. Target unrelated interests

Originally it is recommended to target related interests. But now, Facebook ads professionals offer a new tactic – target unrelated interests. It is known as the Inverted Unicorn Facebook Ad Targeting Method. 

To be more clear, let us look through one of  the best Ad examples of this:

At first sight, this Ad targets all women living in England, but if you look at all the women who are commenting, you can understand: All women have recently moved from Arizona to England.

Targeting is done in the following ways:

Women who : 

  • recently moved to England
  • like local businesses (high schools, sports teams, universities in Arizona)

Believe it or not, targeting people with unrelated interests really works. 

Do you know any other Facebook Ads hacks to improve your campaigns?

Could you share your experience with us?


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