Full Insight of Influencer Marketing: 6 Benefits + Examples

Influencer Marketing

Some people might come up with the ‘Influencer Marketing’ phrase and wonder about what it is. That term might seem strange to those that adopt the traditional marketing strategies. 

What is Influencer Marketing?

At this point, Influencer Marketing is a game-changer to improve mainstream broadcasting. It grants new breath to marketing tools. It’s a compound of celebrity branding with a contemporary content-centered campaign. From now on, let’s use the abbreviated form for the ‘Influencer Marketing’ term – IM.

In other words, IM is raising brand recognition through influencers. There are some behavioral rules that you should bear in mind while using this strategy.

  • Keeping up organized and together! That’s the core point in implementing the tactics.
  • Being tolerant and human! The trade is between individuals, so treating kind is the thing.
  • Establish an agenda on how often to send updates to the influencer! It’s about weekly/monthly/annual responses on your news delivered to him/her.
  • Communicate on behalf of directing managers. Planning a face-to-face rendezvous will build trust.

You might think convincing a celebrity to expose your brand is what is called IM. But it’s not!

IM is when you trust your service promotion to a famous person with authority. To a man/woman who has created that authority by constant endeavors in social media platforms. 

IM is maximum organic. It’s kind of a content marketing and social media campaign based on a slow but steady approach. You should become synonymous with whatever you’re selling. 

What’s not working in the IM approach is trying to collaborate with different influencers at the same time. Not all the influencers fit the same size. Specify your strategy and reach only one of them.

The next misunderstanding is thinking only the influencer’s popularity counts. It’s not only about the reputation. It’s about the ability to evoke some actions among your customers. 

To get the most out of IM strategy, concentrate on your influencer’s social world. Take the next two steps towards it! 

  • Enter in your influencer’s community. The followers share similar-level interests with your influencer. Try to interact in his/her social pages and become a part of the community. Let your influencer know about you before you’ll ask about the collaboration.
  • Enhance confidence in your influencer’s eyes. Stand apart from the crowd that sends emails every day without a sense. Catch your influencer’s attention and highlight your bold presence to show you’re a proper fit.

Benefits of Influencer Marketing

Benefits of Influencer Marketing
Benefits of Influencer Marketing

IM records rapid growth in spreading the news about industries in the environment of active social users. IM has made a revolution in the ‘traditional’ world of advertising. Recent stats point out to a significant reduction of interest towards paid-for digital ads.

With IM, people make an easy decision regarding the services they want to use. They consider social influencers a reliable source and don’t want to switch to another kind of commercials. Even Forbes wrote about this matter. 

The greatness is that ‘spectators’ are already there for you. So, everything is more precise than you think. Give them what they want-quality, education, insights of useful services, and stay calm with arms wide open. 

Let the rest to your influencer’s shoulders and wait for mutually beneficial relationships.

If you’re still wondering about other benefits, you might have with IM, then go on reading.

Benefit 1. Builds Trust and Displays Authority

This is the most crucial benefit of Influencer Marketing. If you have switched to IM, then be sure you’ll stand out without spending a fortune. The influencer shares your content, recommends it to the socially-active followers, spreads his word about you and voila!.  

Benefit 2. Enhances Your Brand Awareness

As mentioned above, you can increase your achievements and online presence by this strategy. More people will know who you are and what kind of values you share. 

Benefit 3. Enriches Your Content Strategy

Study what kind of content your influencer shares and take a step higher in creating yours. Thus, you’ll have more ideas to generate and complete your content agenda. 

Benefit 4. Successfully Meets Your Target Audience

This is something great. Imagine your content is shown to the audience that already has a clue about your niche. They already want to know more about it. 

This will help you skip some steps you always do before releasing your products. It’s about testing or finding people. Besides, it will save much of your budget.

Benefit 5. Grants Value to Your Public

Put an accent on people’s pain points. Let them feel the main characters of your story. Offer solutions to their problems. 

Making it for a full auditorium with influencers is another great feature. They are already on the same page and thoroughly knowledgeable about the gaps in their education.

Benefit 6. Develops Appealing Partnerships

It’s always fine to look forward to new powerful partnerships. Using IM can be a good start for your business. Being engaged for the long-haul, it might end in a pretty cool collaboration. 

Tip: Using IM is always a good idea, but it’s dreadfully recommended for startups or those that need an organized social media engagement!

Types Of Influencers

Influencer Types
Influencer Types

We wouldn’t speak about IM if it was not for the role-players, influencers. Influencers are those with a respective number of followers in social media belonging to any profession. 

Some of the influencers might not have a big army of followers, though, but the content they deliver should be of a high-quality. It should be worth looking forward to.

The respected influencer is someone who is considered to be a go-to person. There you can get the right answers. Depending on the professional field, the influencers deliver the most attractive posts about the individual subjects. 

They have their fingers put on the latest upgrades of content marketing. Creating bonds with them, you’ll get useful messages and will form part of constructive debates.

The quantity of following users is the heart of what the influencer does. It speaks about the authority and trust people have towards him/her. Read on to learn more about them.

Type 1. Mega-Influencers

We think you already guess that a vast number of fans are tracking this group of influencers. Most of them are celebrities from different spheres. They can be good protagonists from Hollywood movies, successful athletes, or Television superstars.  

Given that, the approach to this celebrity-influencers might cost a real thing. Only significant brands dare to turn to them. Even with a costly offer, these celebrities are meticulous in choosing their partners. 

Type 2. Macro-Influencers

They are real showstoppers with the sense they have created their audience online. These kinds of experts are thoroughly aware of the pros and cons of social media management. They know how to navigate in-network without having hustles.

Though, we might include some celebrities in this group as well. Given that, they’ve not made that big so far, but already have a serious number of followers on social platforms.

This kind of influencers is excellent when it comes to raising your brand authority. And more, offering them a collaboration inspires more hopes with lower budget rates! 

Type 3. Micro-Influencers

Neither being film-stars, nor successful sportsmen, this type of opinion-makers got popularity due to the hard-working. They performed an extremely diligent activity in social marketing.

Involving micro-influencers often results in more excellent engagement rates. This proves his type of showstoppers can expose brands with small budgets as well. 

They will more likely not to have an idea about your company unless you reach them. So it will be difficult for you to make both ends meet. You should show your professionalism and convince him/her you’re the right person to collaborate with.

Type 4. Nano-Influencers 

The name is telling everything. A group of people with a little number of devotees. But, most importantly, all of those followers are dynamic to absorb any kind of information their leader spreads.

Influencer Marketing Platforms

There are tons of articles writing about the importance of IM and its platforms. They are supporters to streamline the process of finding and communicating relevant influencers. These platforms are making associations between all parties engaged in the process.

IM platforms provide special software tools to discover potential influencers. They dispose of enormous databases working on smart algorithms. It’s already apparent, how rapidly one can seek an influencer from the correspondent position.   

Along with the fast growth of interest towards the IM, the platforms have made their offerings wider to the audience. It’s possible to choose an influencer in the result of vetting by the platform staff. At this point, they check the influencer’s availability and whether he/she wishes to work with that specific brand.

The Influencer Marketing HUB is a separate giant platform that stands apart from others. Its indisputably the world’s principal marketing source providing comprehensive software tools. 

Here you’ll find different companies’ reviews and research reports. Just remember it piled up more than six million monthly readers. And that’s only in 3 years of implementation. 

After a year of its inception, IM Hub has had a vertiginous breakthrough by running a fortunate monetizing. It plays a significant role in helping marketing managers and company executives in essential decision-making processes.

Now that we already know something about the platforms let’s move on to read about some successful case studies.

Examples of Brands Who Rocked the Business Using Influencer Marketing

IM has become the current big thing regarding online marketing. It’s useful for both A-list companies and smaller businesses to grow. It already worked perfectly for many companies. Let’s see some examples.

Example 1. Launch of Moto Z and Moto Mods by Motorola

The launch of a next-generation Moto Z and Moto Mods smartphones by Motorola was addressed to the Gen Z. The main feature was that you could exchange ‘mods’ inside and outside the smartphone to tailor the way you want. 

Having a clear vision that most teenagers are engaged with YouTube videos, Motorola decided to turn to YouTube influencers. It started to drive product awareness with their help. 

They started working with thirteen marketing influencers. Each of them created a wowing YouTube video that showcased the uniqueness of Moto Mods. In these videos, the influencers displayed collaboration ads at the same time. 

Each of those videos had a different character with different topics. The result was succeeding with more than eleven million views and thirty-eight million social engagements. The range of clicks on motomods.com raised to 122,000.

Example 2. Creation of Instagram Account of Sony’s Xperia Z5 

On September 2, 2015, Sony launched the brand-new smartphone with the most powerful camera through all the marketplace. The sales pitch the magnifiers with the ability to zoom up the image to five times.

Sony thought of Instagram as the most relevant place to promote the photo zoom feature. The brand made a big shot in showcasing the smartphone camera superiority.

Even it didn’t feel like to have glamour Instagram craves, the brand ingeniously beat this obstacle and created InstazoomZ5 – the first zoom on Insta. That was a frisky experiment allowing Instagram users to estimate the phone camera quality.

First, the Sony experts broke up a smartphone image into tiny shots with 5 layers. Then they created a hundred Insta accounts connected with tags. The community could magnify any portion of the photo and find out fifty secret surprises.

Before the launch, the brand contacted thirty influencers. They had to propose their Insta followers to participate in a joyful competition. They had to magnify one of those layers of the photo and find the secret code. 

The fantastic prize was tickets to UEFA semi-finals!!

The stunning results created an echo resonating into all social platforms. The campaign brought Sony:

  • 17 million possible connections;
  • The most attractive post for @SonyXperiaFR – #InstazoomZ5;
  • The worldwide social engagement with 415k connections.

Example 3. Production of Pepsi Bottles with Joyful Emoji Impressions 

#SayItWithPepsi influencer campaign was Pepsi’s strongest try involving the younger-aged consumers along with summer 2016. The centerpiece of the effort was the emojis printed on millions of Pepsi, specially-served bottles. That was to boost the Pepsi sales rates at Walgreen stores.

With young Pepsi drinkers, Pepsi shared his word in a whole new way and turned every touchpoint into a possibility of grandstanding.

The wordless icons allowed the personalization reaching to regional-level collaboration with different kinds of retailers. The multi-profile campaign recorded a huge success all over the world. 

Pepsi PR Campaign.
Image Source: https://www.prnewswire.com/

Example 4. Collaboration with @thesorrygirls for Pixelbook Promotion by Google

Google used two DIY-centered girl-influencers to enhance the release of the Pixelbook laptop. The Sorry Girls (that’s how they named themselves) ran a very primitive campaign with a unique donation post. They encouraged users just to express an opinion about how useful they found the giant’s new product. 

Though the girls couldn’t boast with a wide range of followers, the single post gained tons of views and powerful engagement.

Example 5.  Promotion of “UnGrounded” with Private Influencers by British Airways

While revealing its new technology lab, British Airways offered a hundred different experts to brainstorm ideas being on the flight. From Silicon Valley to London, the professionals generated ideas about creating such new platforms. 

The result was that British Airways innovative lab became famous through the wider scope of social users and not only. The greatest of news sites like Forbes and Wired covered this topic and made its popularity even higher.

British Airways “UnGrounded” Promotion
Source: https://techcrunch.com/2013/03/20/british-airways-ungrounded/

How to Find Instagram Influencers

How to find Instagram Influencers

Instagram is, no doubt, the hottest place to exhibit your brand-new product and services. Along with the multitude of other active social networks, Instagram remains the most potent tool among them.

Why is it so? Because it’s home for millions of users. Searching for an influencer on Instagram is like looking for a needle in a haystack. That’s why we have come to your rescue, providing some tips on how to find the right match to enhance your company presentation on Instagram.

Tip 1. Dive in with the corresponding group

To do everything right, you need to have answers to some important questions! Have a clear vision about your customers’ interests and hobbies. Thus, you’ll be more particular about what kind of influencer to leverage.

Tip 2. Reveal your personality

It’s crucial to comprehend your clients’ attitudes. But exposing your brand identity is of the-same-level importance. Aim for your enterprise activity and depict the image of a relevant influencer.

Tip 3. Have a thorough insight 

Dive down much more in-depth to scrutinize what kind of air his/her surrounding people breathe. 

Try to go forward and check their activity on the web. That’s not easy, yes, but to act virtuously, you need to do some hard work. 

Tip 4. Apply hashtags

Use Hashtags to find Influencers
Use Hashtags to find Influencers

Begin applying general hashtags. Then you can make them more specific to match your brand personality.

Tip 5. Don’t be afraid of your competitor’s followers

Mine your competitor’s followers to your advantage. Showcase your brand to them. Chances are, they already know about you! The situation might result in a match-made-in-heaven.

Tip 6. Ask Google about what interests you

Find Instagram influencers on Google
Find Instagram influencers on Google

This primitive, yet very effective means is still working. Google has all the lists about the top shakers on Instagram. Why not ask him? Tons of blogs, reports, articles about Instagram influencers on Google. We’re sure this tip will be quite helpful.

Bonus Tip: 

The influencer might be willingly positive about working fast with you. Don’t undertake that situation without more ado. Test them with a one-time trial, then evaluate whether to go on with it or not.

Final Thoughts

We think you already know the brand awareness is the most popular means to reach your customers right now, and IM is the ideal way to do that. 

So with the given tips, you’ll shoot up your enterprise with on-trend strategy and campaign.


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