How To Compete With Big Brands For Organic Traffic

How to compete with big brands for organic traffic

I wonder to know your opinion about whether small businesses can compete with big brands or not?

I will wait for your answer later. 

But before that let me introduce my opinion too.

In the beginning, I want to remember one of the biggest companies in the eCommerce market, such as Amazon. 

Amazon started as a bookselling shop, but after 25 years of activity, it has become one of the best marketplaces in the world, especially in the US.

Is it enough to realize that brand size doesn’t matter? Whether “To be bigger” always means “To be better”.

It’s just the time to speak about SEO strategies and how SEO helps big brands in their success.

SEO is an art

Search Engine Optimization 2020

Accurate-done SEO will be salvation for any brand and especially for making conversions (every business’s goal is to generate more traffic transferred into conversions). When we speak about SEO, we speak about three main parties in it: Brand, Search engine and Searcher. It looks like Search engines connect brands with future customers whenever they search for a product or service you have.

It’s a legend that Google prefers big brands. Nowadays, SEO enables thousands of SMEs to overcome the competition of big brands and get on the first page of Google. However, Google loves big brands SEO strategy, high-quality content, well-designed websites that are a result of many wasted dollars. 

Yes, big brands are ready to give large budgets for good marketing companies and SEO specialists.

Who else if not you? No sense to give up. Instead, try to find different hacks and tools to get more organic traffic and compete with big brands.

Don’t know how? 

Learn: SEO Strategy for SMEs 

1. Work on your brand awareness

The first problem of any business is having a trusted and solid brand. It’s the first step to get to your target audience. Be careful about making a logo, choosing colors, taglines. They will be in the closest relationship with your customers. Be as unique as possible to be quickly differentiated among millions of brands.

2. Be accurate in keyword research

Keyword Research
Keyword Research

It’s proven, keywords are still so valuable for SEO. Choosing the right keywords will enable you to drive more traffic. 

However, it’s a myth that you should use keywords with high-volumes. Using generic keywords is the wrong strategy. It would be best if you focused on long-tail keywords mostly related to your brand that are more likely to bring more conversions and money. In its turn, your website should be maximally relevant to your target keywords. Be sure to have enough backlinks. These are the guarantees of appearing in top searches.

3. Take care of your content.

Content Is King
Content Is King

Do you know content is king? 

Yes, content marketing is the most important part of digital marketing. Every brand must create fresh and high-quality content related to their services and goods. Time shows that creating content is the best method to beat big brands. Try to choose topics that are interesting to your audience and readers.  

Attention, attention! Keep quality, but not quantity.

Be sure your content is complete and is the best one among your competitors. Google has an algorithm for ranking websites on the first page. Your content surely will get high-visibility in Google searches due to high quality and good SEO strategy for SMEs. 

4. Be active on Social Media

Social Media
Social Media

Social media is mostly tended to get more awareness and getting an audience but not direct sales and conversions. However, it’s the place to invest money and time, if you are going to compete with big brands. Today customers use social media to find answers and necessary information on everything. Thus be active to provide high-quality support service and entertain your customers.

Besides the points listed above, one should realize a simple truth: First of all you must think about appearing in markets where big brands don’t appear. 

It seems a bit unrealistic, but don’t worry… Read!

Before entering big markets you should be the first one in smaller markets and prove the importance of your existence.

As a small business, you will have a greater chance to beat the competitors of your domestic market. Search for all relevant markets and evaluate your competition opportunities. 

Determine how favorable conditions are for your brand to expand.

Generally in such markets competition is not as strong as in big markets. Thus, you can expand and grow unnoticed and after it you will be able to show your potential and get higher and higher, finally, competing with big brands quicker than ever before. 

5. Never think big brands don’t have mistakes and weaknesses

Among many advantages being a big-sized business doesn’t mean to be perfect everywhere and every time.

For example, making final decisions takes a lot of time for big brands. Instead, it’s a simple process for your small-sized company and few workers. 

Moreover, they can smooth a great way for your business. Once they can create huge campaigns and introduce new products, then you can sell your similar products or services for suitable prices under that euphoria.

Consequently, work on your weaknesses, concentrate on your strengths, try to be unique and compete for big brands with well-planned SEO strategies.


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