How To Get Free Likes On A Facebook Page

How to get free likes on Facebook Page

If you are trying to discover how to get likes on a Facebook page, then this article is for you. There are plenty of answers to this question in Google though. But here the word ‘plenty’ is equal to 3 Billion. Reading this you will find only the helpful ones!

Interested? Keep reading on!

Your Facebook page likes are something that highlights your identity and speaks about your quality. It brings your brand great recognition. Being aware of smart tactics will help you get more likes on the Facebook page. 

Keep in mind the following tips:

Tip 1: Create engaging Facebook posts

Facebook Engagements
Facebook Engagements

Remember that Facebook posts are the key to your success. If you create inviting posts, then you’ll sit on the back and enjoy the generous results soon.

Here are three steps to build that desired post:

Step 1. Find the audience to watch out for your posts.

Step 2. Find the audience to be involved in your posts.

Step 3. Find the audience to share your posts with others.

Tip 2: Insert your website links before publishing your posts

Thus you will send a lot of traffic to your website. You can even have increased rates of followers, subscribers, buyers and those you will advocate your brand. Boom! 

Tip 3: Use content that has already been proven before

Sounds rare? But it does work! To boost your engagement watch out for proven-past-performance content. Re-design and re-use that content. Believe me, nothing can be so much important that the content that already has thousands of likes, clicks, and shares.

Tip 4: Be consistent to be the “top of mind” for your fans

Consistency Is The Key
Consistency Is The Key

Keep the consistency and always deliver the same amount of posts each week. The best quantity of posts is 5 times a week. 

Tip 5. Apply relevant visuals to catch the attention (both photos and videos)

80% of communication transmits to the human brain through the visuals. Both photos and videos are the most effective way to deliver information. It makes a great impact on people rather than plain texts. So, don’t cut corners on creating eye-catching visuals.    

Tip 6. Keep it simple and short for people not to get bored

People tend to scan not read the posts. So try to keep it as simple as possible. Don’t pass 100 characters. It’s proven that short messages have more performance.

Tip 7. Speak to your target audience to nail your message in the right place

Target Audiences
Target Audiences

Use trending content for a custom audience. Write to a particular group that has a unique interest. Thus you will have more conversions.

Tip 8. Speak in an authentic voice to build trust

Use the voice of your fans and friends. Get the most out of your brand by speaking in a unique way. They like you because you are honest and true. Don’t let them down!

Tip 9. Use a CTA to make more customers

Call To Action
Call To Action

Friendly ask your followers to like, comment, and share your posts. Drive people to action. They will do that, believe me!

Tip 10.  Evoke a sense of urgency to kick out of it

Always update your database. Use up-to-minute tricks whenever possible. Urge your fans to use the tips you have included in your posts and share them.

Tip 11. Insert funny memes to speak to your followers

It’s always a good idea to entertain your friends with relevant funny memes.

Tip 12. Integrate data and list in your post to be catchy

Integrate Data To Posts
Integrate Data To Posts

Insert more data and bullet points in your posts. It’s a simple thing to create an easy-to-read post. Make a list and share it with people. They do love those powerful ‘Top 5 Ways’ or ‘Top 15 Truths About…’

Tip 13. Watch out for holidays to help people get the latest updates

Why not do a good promotion for the season? People love to get info on everything popular and look trendy. Use content about the upcoming holidays. Use a creative profile picture and add personality to your page. 

The best advice for the best engagement is to start right here, right now! Don’t delay! Apply those tips and feel the drive!


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