Lead Generation 101 + Strategies That Work In 2020

Lead Generation In 2020 + Strategies that work

What is Lead Generation in Digital Marketing?

Lead generation is the process of converting strangers into prospects who showed interest in your company. 

Lead generation has been undergone great changes along with the technique development. The increase in online purchase has resulted in a ‘self-driven’ shopping. So to estimate the performance, it’s necessary to qualify leads first.

Outgoing schemes are not enough to be implied for driving sales. Now content is what matters. Offer more creative, informative, and engaging posts to create value.

Now marketers have to raise brand awareness, build trust, then reach potential customers for long-term relationships. It’s not about sending emails or putting ads. It’s about more serious steps that require hard work and much effort. 

Lead Generation Key Factors

There are some factors to focus on while sharpening your lead generation process. Let’s see some of them.

Factor 1. Your Content and SEO

Anything connected with today’s marketing guides is writing impressive content. It’s the key to draw more customers, to get to the right place with the right people. It’s the fuel for all of your strategies.

Why is your website content so much important? Search engines compare the content with the website quality. The more valuable the content, the more qualified the website is. Guarantee your content is with quality and informative. 

Factor 2. Your Website

Want to go BIG? Consider an excellent website. Optimize it correspondingly to encourage your clients to make a purchase. It’s important to insert relevant CTAs and filling forms. 

Factor 3. Your Social Media

Social media channels are the place to share abundant information. That’s where your purchasers will look for the products or services. That’s where you need to make your bold presence and spread your word through social influencers. 

Factor 4. Your Blog

Blogging for Lead Generation
Blogging for Lead Generation

Build trust with the help of your fantastic blog. Make a marvelous journey for your readers with valuable content. Chances are, Google will place your site on the first pages once you start a quality conversation with your readers. 

There are other important factors to consider in your lead generation process. Maybe we’ll talk about them in another blog. Now stay tuned to not miss a thing.

The Lead Generation Objectives

A set of marketing steps are part of a lead generation approach. But the first one is people to whom you’ll aim to sell your products. To make the most out of this process you need to go through three important phases;

  1. Bring warm traffic to your site
  2. Convert your site visitors into leads
  3. Make them become your customers.

Some tactics are implied for the perfect implementation. Read on to learn about them. 

Lead Generation Strategies

Lead Generation Strategies
Lead Generation Strategies

In B2B format lead generation, it’s not possible to use the same strategy for all kinds of business aspects. So the critical thing to increase your presentation is targeting the appropriate audience. Search places for your perfect clients. Find them and apply the relevant tactics to improve your leads. 

In this digital world, many more opportunities are granted to customers before they do a purchase from your site. They can have a clear image of your service by reading the third-party comments. They can see the visuals of your products on your website and make a well-grounded decision.

This should not be constraining. Moreover, use this chance to display your power and professionalism by regular active posts. Draw your customers’ attention and boost your engagement. Keep track of the number of users who might be turned to your leads. 

Give a try to one of those strategies shown below and enhance your performance in B2B lead generation.

Strategy 1. Share gated content

Once your users complete the format, gated content is appearing. Why should you lock the content? For the very primary aim – to generate leads. 

This strategy creates an effect of giving something more valuable. And that’s at no cost. They will feel the elected ones since your content is not for everyone on the web. Your audiences will find the topics they are interested in. At the same time, you’ll build trust and reach your objective.

Strategy 2. Create a must-read newsletter

Do you want to be a magnet to leads? Make an attractive newsletter. Keep the communication with your prospects and always remind them about you. 

Strategy 3. Organize an event

This kind of lead generation strategy can be applied both online and in-person. Thus you will be able to gather your future customers’ contacts due to the registration. Answer their questions, consider the arguments,  and study your clients. 

Strategy 4. Provide a discount or a coupon code

This is a great strategy since your benefits will be coming from all the parts. By providing a discount, you’ll bring long and short-term leads. In the case of long-term ones, you’ll have regular customers. In the case of short-term ones, you’ll get your staff immediately.

Strategy 5. Offer a premium free trial 

Another way to capture your prospects’ attention is by providing a free trial. Simple, yet appealing, this method is a strong way to catch leads from engaged expectant.  This is a strategy that targets those who are interested but still indecisive about whether to buy or not. 

The free trial will not only help them make a decision, but it will also convert them into paying customers in the future. That’s possible by activating informative email campaigns on a regular basis. They will get the new updates of your products and know about the benefits of upgraded paid accounts. 

Strategy 6. Utilize a live chat

Facebook Messenger for Lead Generation
Facebook Messenger for Lead Generation

This will help you make immediate reactions to your users’ expectations. Answering promptly to your website users will raise trust towards your brand. By the way, you can generate leads by using a pre-chat online form filling requirement. 

Strategy 7. Target the right terms

Drive more leads by concentrating on the top-of-funnel keywords. Do profound research and find out the most searched terms. Optimize your content according to them. Shape local blog tactics and target those keywords in PPC marketing. Consider the websites with abundant voice search with those terms. 

Strategy 8. Rescale to the people who once visited your website

Don’t feel lost if your visitors don’t convert for the first time of engagement with your brand. You have the opportunity to retarget them by showing ads on your website or social channels. Some people need several times to be convinced before making a purchase. 

Strategy 9. Customize socials 

Remember us speaking about the importance of social media channels for boosting your traffic? Now it’s time to open some brackets. Social media is a great platform to raise awareness and bring new leads. But it’s not working to the fullest extent for B2B leads.

We don’t mean it’s not working at all. You just need to be aware of some tactics to win leads using social channels.

  • Tactics 1. Use your personal social media channels to direct your guests to your website. You will not have a lead generated by just a visit to your channel. That’s why you should be sure the visitors will come to your website. 

To make things easier, insert your site links in your social media channels, capture the attention with attractive offers and discounts.

  • Tactics 2. Another useful way to get new contacts is by putting signup forms on your social platforms, particularly Facebook personal page. Thus, you’ll have your prospect leads’ email addresses and send your newsletters to them.
  • Tactics 3. The best form to catch attention is CTAs. Always put promotional hooks within your social media pages and invite your visitors to leave some comments. 

Once you adopt these tactics and apply them in your strategy, you’ll boost your leads without difficulty. 

Strategy 10. Make use of your LinkedIn profile

Probably the most valuable B2B lead generation strategy is the leverage of the LinkedIn profile. Since Linkedin has the brawniest ranks as a B2B social media platform, keeping with it will bring you massive leads. 

You know big professionals are hanging out on LinkedIn. Due to the greatest number of decision-makers, experts, and practical users, it will be easier to get noticed.

But again, you need to put on some efforts to make it a go. Watch for the next hints on how to use LinkedIn to generate leads.

Hint 1. Always be active. Your presence is very important since LinkedIn regularly puts your activity in the center of your friends’ attention. It’s about the posts you share and like, leave comments, get certificates, etc. 

LinkedIn offers you new connections, shows people you might know in your professional platform, etc. Everything around you is created to link professionals and raise the communication. Don’t miss it. 

Hint 2. Be sure your account is powerful. Make your message clear, but don’t forget about validation. Show your certificates, specialty upgrades, and anything related to your self-development. Complete the profile description putting all the relevant information.  It’s crucial for B2B leads. 

Hint 3. Form part of groups. There’s no lack of groups, you’ll see once you initiate a search. Look for groups with relevant professional interests. Here where you’ll likely find your future leads.

Hint 4. Being active is to speak a lot. Be engaged in conversations talking about everything. Make your bold presence, build new relationships, and raise trust towards yourself. 

Hint 5. Did you know asking for help is sometimes the beginning of good communication? So, don’t hesitate to seek assistance to coagulate a strong contact with people who matters. 

Hint 6. The last hint is straightforward and simple. Just pay for generating leads.  LinkedIn gives you the opportunity! 

Using all these strategies will help you make a perfect journey. But reach the finish, you’ll have to wait a while and always strive for more. Don’t cut corners on your efforts and always work hard. Apply as many tactics as you can. 

Apart from these strategies, there are other factors to consider to bring more leads to your site – lead generation software. Useful and dynamic, these tools have been created to ease your day and make the process easier. Let’s see what we have.

Lead Generation Software

Lead Generation Software
Lead Generation Software

Choosing the appropriate lead generation software you’ll free yourself from the hard times to get quality leads. If you have a clue of what type of software to use, you’ll effectively transform your leads into clients. 

Below, we have identified some important ones we think will be helpful to you. 

Software 1. Unbounce

You’ll be enabled to run an effective campaign with the help of Unbounce software. Its automatic features allow you to optimize your pages for the right recommendations. Pop-ups, landing pages and more are what you’ll create with ease and maximum performance with Unbounce.

Software 2. Leadpages

This user-friendly software’s main characteristic is that it’s highly customizable. Besides converting new leads, it automatically brings your Facebook business page content in. Consequently, you have the opportunity to run ads right away. 

Software 3. CallPage

Through CallPage, amassing your visitors’ phone numbers isn’t a problem anymore. Prompt and encourage your users to give their numbers and get a callback in twenty-eight seconds. This is done to send instant data to your sales team and generate sales. 

Software 4. Growlabs

Ideal for a business to business, Growlabs is optimized for automatic email marketing and smart box insights. Having the most complete professional database, you’ll find the most matching clients’ data from lists with millions of profiles.

Software 5. Sumo

This software is ideal for e-commerce platforms. With this tool, you’ll be ready to reduce your website bounce rate and raise your order numbers. 

Bottom Line

You see there are many various factors and methods to enhance your lead generation process. Whether they’re for the same marketing channel or not, the appliance of them will only help your task. 

Don’t overlook your chance to look for the platform with relevant contact. Know what and where to share. And the most important is – with whom. 

Stay with us for more trends and news on digital marketing!


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