PPC Marketing Hacks for 2020

PPC Marketing Hacks

Pay Per Click (PPC) has been getting high recognition among advertisers throughout the world. It’s the most attended and the best-used platform that gives people tons of possibilities. Let’s see what it is.

PPC creates the same conditions for all the fields and enterprises. Being on a budget, it’s possible to advertise to your readers, to create brand trust, and boost the sales rate.

When it comes to kicking the best out of your PPC campaign, knowing some tips can make a bold presence. Go on reading to be aware of some clever hacks.

PPC Hack #1: Optimize your Quality Score!

Google Quality Score
Google Quality Score Factors

You might think the quality score is not important, but don’t give up on that. In reality, the QS has a great impact on your rankings. Google does ‘love’ advertisers with high-Quality Score. Your QS is your identity and the result of the good policy you have adopted.

PPC Hack #2: Insert long-tail keywords

You need long-tail keywords for a specific funnel stage targeting. According to reports, that will enhance your conversions with up to 30%. 

Think specifically, not generic. Have an offer for a specific group, strongly interested in your product, rather than a generic offer for all with milder interest.

The longer tail results will help people look for the specific results that will be closer to their decision. 

PPC Hack #3: Add negative keywords

Negative Keywords
Negative Keywords

The usage of negative keywords is an important PPC hack. Their role is big in terms of focusing on your marketing campaign more effectively.  

You can find negatives keywords in a search term report. This report is also very useful for finding new target keywords.

PPC Hack #4: Reward your top performers

Give room to your better parts to breathe. Believe it, the search terms with the highest conversions are always something to count on. This simple, but still engaging tip for successful PPC can be customized to work in the best possible way. 

PPC Hack #5: Write valuable content

Content Marketing
Content Marketing

Nowadays the authority of your ad copy is the most crucial thing you should concentrate on. Creating the best content will make you go high in ranking and attract more readers. If written well, it will reduce the bounce rate and boost your conversions.

Be sincere to people, ignite your reader’s interest, create emotional bonds, make them feel your story’s heroes. Write content for just not writing. Speak about your readers’ pain points, give appropriate solutions, and build trust among them.

There is only a fraction of a second to impress and nail your audience. Use it smartly!

PPC Hack #6: Organize proper scheduling

You might think that running your PPC the whole time will be effective for better productivity? Hopefully, not. Cutting corners can be daunting sometimes… But you don’t need to fall in the opposite extreme as well.

The solution here is the proportional distribution of your resources. 

The right timing is the perfect thing to start with. Investigate your target audience workflow and shape the proper time-frame to show your ads to them.  Specific timing for a specific audience. 

PPC Hack #7: Shape the right bidding strategy

Define your end goals first. Always keep in mind, each bidding strategy works uniquely for each of the cases. Customize your bidding to your marketing campaign and your budget. 

PPC Hack #8: Monitor all your clicks

This is one of the most vivid PPC hacks in 2020. Regardless of your marketing strategy and budget, you will be affected by the invalid clicks Google incorporated lately.  The fact is it catches all the clicks from the same source or clicks that are not generated by the genuine human. 

In other words, this Google tool helps specify the click-rate quality and contributes to bringing more organic traffic. Try to avoid clicks that have artificial origin through your website. Remember, Google now gives value to fair players!

You can filter invalid clicks by using a 3rd party tools like Clickcease or Traffic Guard.

PPC Hack #9: Forecast some data

By forecasting, you’re making your users aware of the types of performance they can assume. You hint them on what kind of decisions to make and where to invest for better advertising.

Though, forecasting doesn’t mean doing exact predictions. It’s about offering a guess of sensible expectancy to plan your performance in the future.

PPC Hack #10: Show some flexibility

Being flexible should concern all the metrics involved in your PPC campaign. That refers to budget calculations, conversion rates, and clicks as well.

Flexibility displays your ability to spend money to get more clicks. Thus, you’re more likely to get potential sales and have a big ROI.

PPC Hack #11: Choose the most convenient budget

You might know about the budget types specified for each platform. Do thorough research before starting spending money. Before the paying process, do all the setups the budget type requires. It’s important as each of them seems to keep different maintenance.

Here some factors are playing, like whether you choose to switch a daily basis or lifetime budget, or depending on your campaign type and level, etc.

Even if you have initiated your marketing campaign for a long time ago, you should review some strategies to set yourself up for success. The changes should be done according to your business goals and initiatives. 

PPC Hack #12: Always know your possibilities and what to expect

Most newcomers in the advertising world think the results are showing up after a few hours, or maximum, days! We don’t want to disappoint you, but it’s not a reality.

PPC marketing is something effective, engaging, and truly working on your behalf, but to harvest the results, you need to be patient.

There are some stages to pass. That includes some testing, studying concepts, and preparing to run a productive campaign. At this point, you specify the limits and the objective to spend on. 

Hack #13: Optimize for mobile devices

Mobile-First Optimization
Mobile-First Optimization

Most searches are done by mobile phones, so allowing people to use this platform is a great idea. Acknowledging the importance of this feature you’ll optimize your PPC ads not only for PCs. People will appreciate that.

Considering the intimacy the mobile phones are providing your chances to have increased click-through rates are getting higher. To grow your labor, there’s a possibility to contact with a specific group of people. 

For the successful maintenance of mobile PPC marketing, you also need to have some know-hows referring to mobile SEO and landing page optimization. 

Hack #14: Filter Dynamic Search Ads

To have the best use of your DSAs, the first thing to do is the right targeting. Yet, it still depends on the content you are sharing. To boost your productivity by incorporating DNAs, you need to combine it with Remarketing Lists for Search Ads. That’s done to keep under control of the DSAs. 

Chances are, some people might click your site and come out of it without converting. By applying the Target and Bid features, you’ll focus on the DSAs. This is more important for those who have already been in your remarketing list. 

The other option is to remarket only those who have already bought something from your site. That’s done to get a better idea about the type of audience that turns to you the most.

Hopefully, you got some important knowledge about the best PPC hacks from this article. Applying them in your daily marketing strategy will soon bring you desired results. Don’t forget to keep an eye for the changing PPC tendencies that will influence your overall business! 


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