Top 5 Social Media Marketing Jobs

Top 5 Social Media Marketing Jobs

In this digital era, it cannot be denied that people spend time on social media approximately 2 hours per day regardless of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on. Many people even scroll through Facebook as their first activity right after they wake up in the morning. Some people also claim that social media can help kill boredom. The good news is that we can turn this addiction into money as there are many full-time jobs involved in social media nowadays. 

So if you are into social media, you might not want to miss checking out these positions available in many companies. Social media has played a massive role in people’s lives; therefore, it is an effective platform to create brand awareness and build relationships with consumers. Almost every brand needs to build their presences online these days. 

So what are the social media marketing jobs available for social media lovers? In this article, we will be listing the most popular social media marketing positions in the market. 

1. Social Media Marketing Manager 

Social Media Marketing Manager
Social Media Marketing Manager

Taking control of all social media strategies, social media managers need to oversee the companies’ social media accounts and platforms. It is all about how to communicate the branding and to position through social platforms, such as the language style, graphic design, and the contents. The person who can be in charge of this will need to have some experiences in taking care of social media accounts before. You can start as a social media coordinator which is explained in the following paragraphs.

2. Social Media Marketing Coordinator 

Social media coordinator will be the one who implements all the plans from social media managers, which include creating banners, posting content on social platforms, contacting influencers, and so on. You will also be in charge of answering inquiries from users online on social platforms. This position will be perfect for social media lovers and will allow them to learn more about all the crucial aspects of social media marketing. 

3. Social Media Marketing Copywriter 

If you love writing and know how to create catchy Copywrite, this job will be the most fun for you. The text is also as crucial as the visualization on social media as it will inform the users about what a brand offers. However, you must know how to write posts that will keep the users informed about all the key messages while sounding fun and exciting to read. You can go to many successful social media pages to see examples and practice writing more to include in your portfolio before applying for a job. 

4. Social Media Marketing Advertiser

Here comes a position for a person who is performance-focused. In this advertiser role, you will be the one who implements and executes the paid advertising through social platforms e.g., Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, or Youtube Ads. You will need to know the goal of the campaigns and plan the budget accordingly. This role is also similar to Paid Performance Specialist or Performance marketer.

5. Social Media Marketing Administrator 

Social Media Marketing Administrator
Social Media Marketing Administrator

Last but not least, a social media marketing administrator is also another option. This position is pretty similar to the social media coordinator. The person in charge usually acts as an admin of the social pages of the brands and replies to inquiries when users send messages to the pages or when people comment under posts. It is essential to have decent communication skills to react with users online. 

Working on your social media pages is not only about simply posting content on the platforms. It is crucial to look at the engagement rate after posting to see which post works the most among your audiences. It is even more important to understand deeply about the brand image before making an online presence. Therefore, social media marketing roles are significant in the marketing department in most brands and companies. So if you are a social media lover, we highly recommend you applying for those positions. 


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