Top SEO Types to Improve Your Website Organic Traffic

Top SEO Types to improve the organic traffic

Building an effective SEO campaign is sometimes constraining. Knowing about some tricks on how to streamline this process, you should be familiar with some SEO types. 

The great news is that you can learn about those SEO types by simply reading this article! Get the best out of the following options to highly optimize your website! 

Type 1. On-Page SEO to rank on your focus keyword

Top SEO Types for Organic Traffic
Search Engine Optimization

This type of SEO is for driving relevant traffic by optimizing everything existing on your web page. It refers to texts, images, or codes that are physically present on your website. 

Let’s see more in detail!

  • Keywords

SEO does not exist without keywords. Do thorough keyword research and find relevant ones for your product. Ideal keywords should have a high monthly search volume and low competition. 

  • H1 Tag

“H” tags are to show what is more prominent on the web page. It’s to create a hierarchy for Google through various types of SEO. 

H1 tag best experiences are to appoint one general keyword per page and use that as an H1 tag. 

Don’t designate several H1 tags on one page. It will influence your rankings negatively. 

  • Title

The title is another crucial factor in having an impressive ranking on Google. It should feel the match to your brand, be catchy and concise. 

The character number should vary from 10 to 70. Include your page’s primary keyword and also use pipes |.

  • Meta Description

The meta description below your web page title is crucial. Your meta description should explain what’s your page is all about. The character number is between 160-300.  

The meta description should also contain your focus keyword or keywords. With this, you will work closely for search engines and grab their attention.

  • Image Alt tags

Image Alt tags are as relevant as the other ones. People can see the images on your site, but search engines cannot. Put image Alt tags with keywords and let search engines speak on your behalf! 

  • Content
Content Writing
Content Writing

Search engines highly appreciate web pages that include not mediocre but quality content. To make search engines crawl your website, you should reduce the bounce rate. Dwell time is another element to take into account. The longer the dwell time, the more influential the content is.

Type 2. Off-page SEO to boost your web page performance

Off-Page SEO refers to web page optimization techniques maintained out of the page. It includes blogging, internal linking, and backlinking. Using Off-Page SEO strategies, you entice your readers and keep them coming back to your site.

Type 3. Local SEO to appear at the top.

Sometimes challenging to execute, local SEO is still effective to increase your local rankings. Be the first to appear. Let people find your product locally!

To reach this objective, you should have many good reviews. Try to increase reviews number as the third-party success stories build trust through the community. 

Create an account on Google My Business. This is an excellent option showing your location to your readers and search engines.

Get your business listed online wherever possible. You can try Yext, for example, to give more visibility across the web. 

Type 4. Mobile SEO to get high in the digital world. 

Mobile SEO is a necessity from now on!  Increase your chances of rankings on mobile devices by using some of the following tips. 

  • Tip 1. Get rid of pop-ups. It might seem not very easy, but exiting out of pop-ups from your mobile devices will raise the chances of a better user experience.
  • Tip 2. Redesign your menu. Separate the menu bars on mobile devices or desktops. It makes navigation easier. 
  • Tip 3. Boost your page speed. Everywhere you look, someone is googling for something on mobile devices. Imagine how important the page speed is for those people. 
  • Tip 4. Keep an eye on voice search. This latest marketing trend is gradually becoming dominant. According to stats, it’s expected that more than half

Type 5. White Hat SEO vs. Black Hat SEO to enhance your SEO campaign

Remember what we talked about above? All this is white-hat SEO! Search engines appreciate only quality and correct maintenance through the web. Apply them and honestly earn your rankings. 

The opposite is black-hat SEO. When you break all the rules and try to trick search engines for getting faster rankings. 

But, nowadays, it’s not that easy to fool them. Search engines have tightened the estimating criteria and give high rankings to those who play a fair game.

Try to make the best use of your web page optimization process, applying these SEO types, and bring higher value. 


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